Stargaze by the Loch✨💙🌙Scottish Sleep Story for Grown Ups, Bedtime Story

Stargaze by the Loch✨💙🌙Scottish Sleep Story for Grown Ups, Bedtime Story

Male voice
60+ min

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This one is unashamed, pure self-indulgence of the highest order! I've always had a fascination with astronomy, space, planets, stars, and anything extra-terrestrial, really. Since beginning writing stories, I've always envisaged basing a least a few stories on the subject, and so here we are - pure science nerdery complimented with all your favourite ambience!  You're settling down by the lochside, on a wee sandy beach, campfire roaring away healthily. With the stars above and a comforting drink in hand, you lie back whilst I take you on a journey through our night sky, with the starry heavens shining down...

Love to all, and thank you as always.  Sam x   

Make yourself comfortable and relax with this soothing tale.  

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00:00 - Introduction

02:57 - The Sun

13:21 - Mercury

18:11 - Venus

24:49 - Our Earth

39:29 - The Moon

50:58 - Campfire, Waves & Owly hoots  

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All of my stories are original productions, having been recorded on location in Scotland.  "Snooze with Sam" whispers sleepy stories of Scotland's natural world, all with the help of a soft, soothing Island voice. Lay yourself down, get comfortable and lose yourself in the sea of gentle tones gifted by one of the world's most beautiful countries.  

"Snooze with Sam" is brought to you by Sam Lawson, an entrepreneur, health and fitness professional and lifelong musician from the Isle of Skye. He runs a Coaching business in Glasgow, Scotland, and finds great satisfaction in helping others find peace within themselves, coaching them on towards personal transformation.   

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