Personal attention while you're asleep (◡‿◡✿) ASMR Soft Spoken

Personal attention while you're asleep (◡‿◡✿) ASMR Soft Spoken

60+ min
Female voice

Hello, friend, are you asleep? Well, I will stay a bit longer to comfort you and rummage through some of your things, hehe because we've been best friends for years. (◡‿◡✿)

00:01-02:49 HelloFresh

02:50-03:46 Falling asleep

03:47-04:59 Tucking in your blanket

05:00-06:24 Small chime

06:25-08:29 Lavender pillows

08:30-11:43 Vintage camera

11:44-13:26 Seed album

13:27-14:36 Snow pillow

14:37-19:05 Mauve moove pillow

19:06-20:39 Ok that's not the shape I had

20:40-21:38 Sun and moon bag

21:39-24:59 California coast candle

25:00-27:11 Beaded skull

27:12-28:35 Pens and pencil case

28:36-29:36 Cute brushes

29:37-34:48 Fancy fancy mofo pens

34:49-45:20 Magazines

45:21-54:11 Trigger point therapy book

54:12-56:26 Food fast

56:27-59:40 Rummaging and resting

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