In our modern world, tools and practices for reducing stress and achieving restful sleep are in high demand and ever-evolving. Auditory experiences featuring various sound frequencies are gaining popularity for promoting rest and relaxation. You may have heard of white noise as a popular auditory tool used to help babies, or people with insomnia, fall asleep and stay asleep. In addition to white noise, green noise offers another soothing auditory solution for those looking to improve their sleep, as well as their state of mind. In this article, we’ll explore green noise and its characteristics and benefits. We’ll also cover other ambient sounds that are similar to green noise, and compare them to understand their different qualities and uses. 

Green noise comprises a mix of sound frequencies with almost equal distribution but with slightly more prominence on the lower tones. Green noise is extremely calming and is usually expressed in sounds from nature, such as rushing water, softly blowing wind, or rustling leaves. On the spectrum of ambient sounds, the frequencies of green noise are between those of white noise and pink noise. 

Green Noise Benefits

Relaxation & Stress Relief

Green Noise has shown promising results in relieving stress, promoting relaxation, and improving mental health. The frequencies and natural sounds incorporated in green noise offer calming effects that can soothe anxiety and stress caused by common external disruptors in modern environments. 

Better Sleep

The problem of sleep deficiency around the world is gaining more attention in the scientific and medical worlds, and doctors are encouraging people to take their sleep more seriously to improve their overall health. This study explores the risks of sleep deficiency and the evidence-based recommendations for how much sleep various groups of people need.

Green noise can be incredibly helpful in helping people fall asleep and stay asleep. With its soothing qualities, it offers a peaceful auditory backdrop to distract the mind from intrusive thoughts and coaxes it into a relaxed state that allows for sleep. The gentle oscillation of frequencies produced by the natural sounds in green noise creates a calming effect that is optimal for rest and relaxation. Those who use green noise at bedtime report deeper and more restful sleep when they use green noise than when they do not. 

Green Noise vs White Noise

What’s the difference between green noise and white noise? Essentially, green noise includes a subtle alternation between sound frequencies whereas white noise offers a constant, equal-intensity energy distribution between all sound frequencies. The subtle emphasis on lower frequencies in green noise creates a slightly more soothing quality to the auditory experience than is provided by white noise, which sounds a bit harsher. This distinction is important in deciding whether you should choose white noise vs green noise

Green Noise vs Pink Noise

How is green noise different from pink noise? Pink noise is quite similar to green noise, but emphasizes the lower tones a bit more, creating a deeply soothing auditory experience. For some people, pink noise is even more calming than green noise. Try listening to each noise separately to decide which one better suits your needs. 

Green Noise vs Brown Noise

What about the difference between green noise and brown noise? Brown noise emphasizes the lower tones even more than green noise or pink noise, producing a deeper sound. The rumbling sound of brown noise can offer an intensely calming experience for some, but green noise offers a happy medium for people who prefer a balance between subtle and deep sounds. When choosing between brown noise vs green noise, try listening to each auditory experience with your eyes closed to decide which feels right for you.

How to Use Green Noise

Green noise can be used as a relaxing background sound for meditation, work, study, or sleep. You can use the Rest app to find a wide variety of green noise tracks that are the perfect companion to any of these activities. Rest even curates custom playlists including green noise and other ambient sounds to help you relax and get the rest you need.  Here’s a green noise sleep sound to get you started. 

The next time you need to block out distractions in order to get to sleep, focus on work, or simply calm your mind, try listening to green noise as a peaceful tool that has been shown to promote a peaceful state of mind.